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Organic fertilizer equipment

Organic fertilizer processing granulation production line

Organic fertilizer production equipment often encounter problems not completely dry, Xinfu organic fertilizer equipment up to share with you about our Xinfu organic fertilizer equipment improvements. The drying effect of organic fertilizer particles, after Weifang Xinfu further transformation of compound fertilizer equipment, greatly improving the drying effect. The key to improve the particle size of organic fertilizer is to improve the viscosity of the granulation,
When the amount of water, less granulation granulation rate, reduce the drying barrel load; drying quality is key to the second dry machine internal copy board, but also the key to the heat exchange water; low temperature air is again connected to the copy board, cylinder speed the formation of material space also has considerable relationship, solve the above the capacity in the same cylinder to increase production capacity of about 1/3. The production process of organic fertilizer equipment to learn more please pay attention to our Weifang Xinfu compound fertilizer equipment.