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Organic fertilizer equipment

Sludge organic fertilizer production line

The organic sludge produced by organic fertilizer equipment has become an important contribution to green environmental protection. Sludge is an adjunct to wastewater treatment. It is composed of a variety of organic matter, different kinds of bacteria, inorganic substances and so on. With the development of society and the need of industry, the discharge of sewage is more and more big, which leads to the increasing trend of sludge after sewage treatment.
Xinfu organic fertilizer equipment is very important for environmental protection, the sludge emissions increased year by year we found in the sludge for any kinds of nutrient elements needed for crop growth, Xinfu organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers to the development can be reused for the favorable resources.
Through harmless treatment, the active components in the sludge can be slowly released, which can provide crop growth for a long time, and is a long-term fertilizer. In addition, other nutrients in the sludge can also be used as soil amendments to increase soil fertility.
Xinfu organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers in the production of sludge organic fertilizer is also used when the use of high frequency compost method for production, if you are interested in the cause of environmental protection you can also join us for environmental protection in the family, the core content of its organic fertilizer equipment will teach you a set of sludge organic fertilizer production process. Torgovnik