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Tower granulation equipment

  • The tower granulation process
The tower granulation process

The tower granulation process

    This process IS most suitable for producing high concentration inorganic fertilizer.The principle of thisprocess iS using the characteristics of rapid solidification of urea liquid  when it meets cold,after urea particle heating melting,according to a certain amount of proportioning adding phosphorus,potassium and other raw materials to molten urea after mixing sprayed to tower body by granulator and let the material slurry droplets cold solidification in the process of falling from the top of the tower,thus forming a circular particles.Through the collection,screening,coating and a series of pocess get made products after packing.

    Advantages:High yield,low production cost,high nutrient content,beautiful appearance and easy to identify.    
    Weakness:Must use urea,large investment,not suitable for high phosphorus nutrient of compound fertilizer production.
    Major equipment:The tower body,the melting pot,hoisting machine,granulating machine,cooling machine,screening machine,coating machine,packaging machine,etc.
    Adaptable fertilizer types:High nutrient inorganic fertilizer.
    Capacity:A single tower can produce 80000—1 50000 tons/year.