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  • Amino acid ammoniating granulation process
Amino acid ammoniating granulation process

Amino acid ammoniating granulation process

    The two kinds of process are mainly used for producing inorganic fertilizer.The principle of amino acld ammoniating process is to use the method of liquid ammonia reaction with dilute sulfuric acid to generate high temperature liquid ammonium sulfate pulp instead of part of the amount of water and steam,and ammonium sulfate slurry itself has certain viscosity,can significantly improve the efficiency of the granulator's granulation,increase production and greatly reduce the production cost.On the basis of the method of amino acid process the ammoniating production process is increased a set of potassium chloride
dechorination process so it can directly produce potassium sulfate compound fertilizer within one production line and further reduce the production cost.
    Advantages:High yield.10w production cost,it can produce high nutrient compound fertilizer.
    Weakness:Must use liquid ammonia.sulfuric acid SO it has a certain risk.It is difficult passed across the examination and approval.
    Major equipment:Ammonia station,acid tank,mixed acid system,reactor,drum granulator,dryer, cooling machine,screening machine,coating machine and packaging machine,etc.
    Adaptable fertilizer:Inorganic compound fertilizer.
    Capacity:A single line can produce 50000-150000 tons/year