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  • The ureambased spray granulation process
The ureambased spray granulation process

The ureambased spray granulation process

    The process IS that we first melt urea with high temperature then use the molten urea Instead of granulation of water to spray into the granulator to the granulation material layer for granulation.Because urea liquid has very good viscosity and urea liquid will be gradually solidified with cold air thus can reduce the amount of the granulation water,therefore,using this technology can improve the efficiency of granulation of the pelleting machine and increase production.At the same time,because urea is a kind of high nitrogen fertilizer,so adopting this process can produce high content fertilizer.It is a kind of wide adaptability of the fertilizer granulation process.
Advantages:High yield,can produce high nutrient fertilizer,grain smooth,round shape and material applicable range.
Weakness:Slightly higher production cost
Major equipment:Urea melting system,disc or drum granulator,dryer,cooling machine,screening machine,coating machine,packaging machine,etc.
Adaptable fertilizer:Inorganic fertilizer,organic inorganic fertilizer.
Capacity:Single line can produce 30000—100000 tons/year