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Tower granulation equipment

  • The disc/steam drum granulation process
The disc/steam drum granulation process

The disc/steam drum granulation process

    Disk/steam drum granulation process is actually two kinds of process.According to its different granules machine it can be subdivided into disk granulation process and steam drum granulation process.According to the situation of raw material can also be subdivided into drum + double disk granulating process.The main difference is the granulator,the following processes sunch as drying,cooling and other auxiliary  equipment are the same.
1.The disc granulating process
Advantages:The granulation capability is strong,product appearance is fruity and adaptable to wide range of raw materials.
Weakness:The production is small,needs add accessories during granulation,unable to produce high nutrient fertilizer.It is more suitable for small fertilizer production enterprises.
2.The drum granulating process
Advantages:The production is large with small dust and can produce high nutrient fertilizer in the case of adding steam.
Weakness:It adapts to narrow range of the raw material and its granulation ability falls dramatically under the condition of not adding steam.Because of various types of raw materials to produce fertilizer and the collocation between raw materials is also varied,SO the specific choice of pelleting machine depends on the determined processing plan with the specific raw material conditions.
3.The main equipments
The granulating disc and drum granulator,dryer,cooling machine,coating machine,belt conveyor,crusher,screening machine,mixing machine,packaging machine,etc.
4.Adaptable fertilizer categories
The inorganic single nutrient fertilizer,inorganic multiple nutrients fertilizer,organic fertilizer,biological  organic fertilizer,organic&inorganic fertilizer.
One single line can produce 10000—100000 tons/year