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  • Organic manure fermentation process
Organic manure fermentation process

Organic manure fermentation process

This process is designed based on the current problems such as large amounts of organic waste discarded causing widespread environmental secondary pollution.This fermentation technology is different from the traditional anaerobic fermentation(pool).Using aerobic fermentation,adding bacteria.fermentation under the condition of temperatu re control and oxygenation it realizes fast rotten fermentation.The fermentation process has no smell.fe rmentation iS high efficiency and can be quickly converted organic waste materials to organic fertilizer.ThUS truly recycles waste materials to realize ecologicaI cycles.
Advantages:All-weather operation,low operation cost,less equipment investment, high conversion efficiency.
Major equipment:Loaders,turning machine,the displacement car.
Using raw materials categories:Breeding livestock feces(cattle,sheep,pigs,chicken manure,etc.),industrial organic wastes(bagasse,cassava dregs,slag starch,sugar mud,sewage sludge,etc.).
Capacity:A single set can produce 100000—150000 tons/year.